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Sagnanetið Icelandic Medieval Literature
The pre-history of Europe
Rise and Fall of the Vikings
Common History for the Nordic Countries
General Information about Sweden
A Germanic / Norse History, Language, and Culture
Germanic Languages
Wikipedia - Germanic Languages
Gotland, Pearl of the Baltic A centre of culture and trade in the Baltic for 2,000 years
The Heathen Temple at Uppsala
Heimskringla or The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway
IRON AGE IN SOUTHWEST SWEDEN settlement and cultural landscape 1200 BC - AD 1200
Iron Production in the Viking Age
Iron Crosses Pre-Christian History and Beliefs
Jorvik Viking city in York
Lowlands-L .. a discussion group
Medieval Atlas - England after 886
Medieval Atlas - Settlements of Angles Saxons and Jutes in Britain about 600
Medieval Sourcebook Tacitus Germania
Met Special Topics Page The Vikings
Mimir - Icelandic Grammar Notebook
Old Norse Network
Orkneyjar - The Heritage of the Orkney Islands
Osprey Essential Norman Conquest
Stefan's Florilegium Berserkergang
Suttonhoo.org - The Sutton Hoo Society
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
The Danish History, Books I-IX
The Heroic Age An Appeal to Rome
The Heroic Age Anglo-Saxon Lordship and Heroic Literature
The Heroic Age Personal Equipment and Fighting Techniques Among the Anglo-Saxons
The History of Costume - Index
The Normans, a European People
The Viking Answer Lady Webpage
The Viking Resource Web
The Viking Times magazine from Östhammar, Sweden
The Vikings (the s.c.nordic FAQ)
Thor's Hammer
Verbix -- Germanic languages conjugate Old Norse verbs
Viking Bronze Age
Viking Routes Map 8th - 11th Century
Viking Ship Home Page
Viking Society for Northern Research
Vikings and Normans
Vikings in America
Vikings!_ the definitive educational guide to viking resources on the internet
Welcome to Fröjel Discovery Programme
Welcome to Viking Heritage